It’s Here – Part 2 with Winning IMSA Racer, David Cowart!

Have you listened to Part 1 of my conversation with ex-IMSA racer David Cowart? Then you’ll want to be sure to hear the rest of this great interview. There’s a bunch more we didn’t cover in the first part, so sit down (or get on your bike, Jeff), and listen to the rest of our conversation.

In this part, David tells us much more about the successful IMSA career he shared with Kenper Miller with sponsorship from Red Lobster, and goes into detail about the March 82G and 83G cars they developed to run with either Chevy or Turbo BMW engines, thanks to their talented crew chief Jack Darren. With 750 horsepower in a 2000 lb. car, the car was a handful. I also talked with David about his stint as a race driving instructor, and his approach to teaching valuable lessons to aspiring drivers.

David and Kenper retired from professional racing in the late 1980s, and then moved into vintage racing, first with an ex-John Surtees Lola T70, and then with another M1, and later, both the Chevy-March, and the Turbo Porsche March.

David was inducted into the Sebring Hall of Fame, and was a panelist for BMW’s celebration of decades of racing in the U.S., along with Brian Redman, David Hobbs, and several other famous race car drivers. With partner Charles Menez, David promoted the 12 Hours of Sebring race for about 5 years. And he isn’t just into arcane technology; David tells us about his fascination with the new drag racing technology at the Gatornationals he likes to attend.

My thanks to David for a great conversation, and again to his fellow Road Racing Drivers Club member, Vintage Racing Podcast subject and helper, and talented winning race car driver, Jeff Kline.

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