It’s Here – Part 2 with John Higgins!

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Up next is part 2 of my long interview with the entertaining, talented, and interesting John Higgins. If you listened to part 1, you will have heard a bunch of great stories about John’s pro racing years, and transition into vintage racing. Also, be sure to check my blog post from August 11 for more thoughts John shared after our conversation.

In part 2, John and I bop around from topic to topic and back; we talk about his favorite aspects of racing during the day, and vintage racing over these past many years. Then, John shares his thoughts and interests in vintage car collecting. We cover Triumph TR4s and TR6s, Lotus Elans, motorcycles, and more. We discuss pros and cons of vintage car auctions, investing in vintage cars, and the modern trend towards self-driving and all-electric vehicles.

John shares his plans for upcoming races at the 24 Hr. of Daytona in the Fabcar Porsche, GT3 Cup Car, and a Carrera, and then he shares a funny story about a vintage race at Daytona a couple of years ago that epitomize the passion behinds the grassroots level of vintage motorsports! After that, it’s stories about Bobby Rahal, Tommy Kendall, Judy Stropus, and I talk about the many commonalities and connections so many Vintage Racing Podcasts guests share with each other, and John shares how he feels about the importance of these long-term relationships. We also talk about John’s inductance into the Road Racing Drivers’ Club.

You can see why it took two episodes to cover the wide range of topics John Higgins had to share with all of us. I want to thank John again for taking the time to join us here at the podcast.

Check out the new batch of photos John provided, below.

My big thanks to John Higgins, and to you for listening. Please tell your friends and colleagues about Vintage Racing Podcast, and please rate us highly on iTunes.

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John Higgins: “My stabilizer and great wife, Chris, in a more docile environment for once.”

The late Chip Mead and John Higgins, Elkhart Lake in 1987. Chip was always the fast guy, and was awarded the Porsche Cup in 1987.
This is the late engine builder/chief mechanic Ray Thacker – the guy who never gave up, and was the main reason for our success” – John Higgins
Elliot Forbes-Robinson and John Higgins at 1986 Sebring. Robinson had won in the Fabcar’s first race.
John Higgins – ill fated sedan efforts that most often ended with blown motors – around 1975-6.
1978 Sebring – John Higgins, James King, and Jim Trueman.
John Higgins at Daytona 24 Hour – night shot taken with camera duct taped by photographer/team manager Jack Webster to rear wing. Caused some distress to IMSA officials – a little ahead of GOPRO era!
John Higgins: “It must have tortured him to send us this letter as we were probably his worst nightmare primarily due to our team lack of decorum”.

Nice letter from Porsche president Peter Schutz to John Higgins who probably wouldn’t have known him or his team if they had walked into his office.
John Higgins at Daytona 24 Hour. Photo Jack Webster. Light was low fuel indicator!

Tim McAdam and John Higgins enjoying some crap Champagne on the podium after finishing 2nd in the 1987 San Antonio street race.
Fabcar at last year’s Historic 24 race with Duncan Dayton who qualified it almost two seconds faster than John Higgins and team did during qualifying for the actual 87 24 Hour race.
Bobby Rahal and John Higgins after winning a 3 hour vintage race in the Porsche 910. Bobby had John so far out in front when he took over the car, John says a “trained monkey could have won!”
John Higgins with long time buddy Jurgen Barth who ran Porsche Motorsports for the factory as did his father before him. This was taken two years ago on the grid at the Historic 24 Hour race at Daytona where he was driving a 908 and John was in the 910. John’s team had out qualified him by 5 seconds and he had commented that he didn’t recall 910’s 2 liter motors having that much power to which he replied they didn’t so they had put a 2.5 liter motor in the car !!

Warm afternoon at Sebring in 1988. Photo courtesy J. Higgins.
John Higgins’ man cave in his “toy box”.
Some of John Higgins’ car collection in his “toy box”.
Some of John Higgins’ car collection in his “toy box”.
Some of John Higgins’ car collection in his “toy box”.
Some of John Higgins’ car collection in his “toy box”.
John Higgins taking the victory lap in Rick Grant’s 718 RSK. They have won a bunch of vintage races in this awesome little car since 1994.