Tom Cotter’s Lifetime with Cars – New Episode!

You might think my next guest, as a writer, has spent his career observing and retelling the stories he’s sought out and heard over the years. But Tom Cotter’s lifetime with cars, so far, has been nothing if not totally involved and committed. I mean, just think of how you would spend 30 years without watching television – no doubt you’d be as immersed in your career or hobby as Tom.

He’s been not just a writer, though he’s on his 16th book, but a director of public relations for Charlotte Motor Speedway, owner of what became the largest motorsports marketing agency in the world, a judge at Amelia Island and many other venues, President of the group that tried to bring Formula 1 to the U.S. some years back, contributor and columnist for auto magazines, tour and event organizer, and star of Hagerty Insurance’s Barn Find Hunter, just to name a few of his accomplishments.

More than that, Tom’s been a car fanatic since his childhood, and in this episode, we learn about his 1939 Ford Woody wagon that he’s owned since he was 15 years old, and which serves as a useful tool, that he talks about when we discuss strategies for finding old cars. And that is what many listeners will know Tom Cotter for best; his Barn Find Road Trip book series, and his Barn Find Hunter video series.

In this episode, we talk about his books, including several biographies, his previous careers in the automotive and racing industry, where to find old cars, why people hoard cars, how to succeed in buying old cars, the future of car collecting and the driving experience, and I ask him what his toughest challenge has been to date, and his most rewarding.

As you listen to this episode, get on your computer and check out the links below, so you can enjoy some great photos and other interviews with a man with a set of unique perspectives about cars, car collecting, and racing. Thank you, Tom, and thanks to you listeners.

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Greg Tatarian