Episode 4 Being Recorded Saturday

Episode 4 should be available around the middle of next week. Dave and I will be talking about the detailed restoration, development and racing of his storied Chevron B36, and his co-driver experiences in the Le mans Classic in Bert Skidmore’s Lola. We’ll also be sharing some listener emails.

Want to share your comments/experiences for upcoming episodes? Use our new contact form on the About Us, and Contact Form page and I’ll get right back to you with submission details.

New Security Features for Vintage Racing Podcast Web Site

Two days after setting up our new web site, spammers started hitting our Comments section, so I’ve had to disable that feature. It took another couple of days for my email to start getting hit by spammers, so I removed the email address from the web site and have added the contact form on the About Us, and Contact Form page. It took just a few more days for a hacker from Uganda to try to force into our site, so more security measures were added today.

So, although it’s now somewhat less convenient for listeners to contact me or submit photos of their cars, the contact form is very brief, is quite secure, and I will get back to you right away. You can leave the phone number fields blank. The best thing is that the added security measures help protect listeners as well as our web site.

Thanks for joining us!

Episodes 1 and 2 Now Uploaded to New Host

Please go to the Episodes page on this web site, and click on the link for Episodes 1 and 2, which will take you to the player on our new media host.

Episode 3 will be uploaded in several days.

Vintage Racing Podcast has been submitted to iTunes and should be available there in about a week.


Episode 3 Of The Vintage Racing Podcast Coming Soon…

Dave and I have recorded a great new episode. I’ll have it edited and mixed in a few days, and will post show notes.

I am in the process of migrating our first two episodes to a new podcast hosting service. Once that is completed in a day or two, links to the episodes will be added to the Episodes page on this web site, and the Vintage Racing Podcast will be submitted to iTunes. It takes about 5-9 days for review and acceptance in the iTunes store, after which time you will be able to subscribe to our show there.

In the meantime, check out our new photo gallery, and look for recently added links to vintage racing groups and race driving schools on our Links and Resources page.

Thanks for your patience as we polish things up!

Greg Tatarian

Greg Tatarian, Host